Terms of service

Terms of "UNLOCK" service on the site gsmunlocking.eu valid from 01.01.2011.

 §1. Service realization

  1. "UNLOCK" service is offered by TRADEINOX LTD  160927603 28B LISMORE HOUSE,  WILTON ROAD READING RG302SSUNITED KINGDOM, hereinafter referred to as Service Provider.
  2. The service is available only for phone models listed on the site.
  3. The service provider commits itself to provide the unlock codes to the customer, as specified by the client parameters.
  4. The service provider reserves that the unlock codes will be effective if there was no wrong codes entered in the phone and the phone software was not change.
  5. If the recipient typed into the phone before any other unlock codes, Provider shall have no liability for failure to remove simlock and Recipients are not entitled in this case a refund.
  6. The service will be made after payment of the fee in accordance with the Price List page. Payments shall be made after completing the relevant form on the website of the Service Provider.
  7. The service provider undertakes to provide their recipients unlock codes within the period specified on the page, depending on your phone model. To date the service does not include weekends, holidays and days wolnch from work.
  8. The service provider where justified, may extend the term of the Service provided notice Recipients of the new completion date.
  9. Service Provider for technical reasons, may cancel the order. Then charge for unrealized service will be immediately refunded Recipients only to their bank account or credit card.
  10. Payments supports Dotpay.eu Ltd. company.

 §2. Claims

  1. All claims for payment and received the unlock codes should be submitted to info@gsmunlocking.eu.
  2. Claims about the unlock codes, with an estimated delivery time longer than 10 minutes, require notification in accordance with Claim Unique Way.
  3. Claims about:
             1. payments - consider the company Dotpay.eu Ltd.
             2. received unlock codes - consider Service Provider.
  4. Claims with no fault of the Service Provider will be considered negative.
  5. The customer will be notified about the result of claim by an email.
  6. The payment for a successful service is not refundable.
  7. Service Provider is not responsible for any malfunction of the unlocking codes, in particular for:
             1. warranty lost
             2. other side effects

 §3. Final Provisions

  1. Service Provider reserves the right to change these regulations. The new rules apply from the date of its publication.

 §4. Promotions:

  1. At this moment there are no promotions available.